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Page Size Checker

The Page Size Checker tool enables you to determine the size of any webpage with ease. The size is displayed in Kbs. Remembers that a long page loading time will result in a high bounce rate. The modern day internet users do not tolerate long page loading times. You should ensure that your website loads as fast as possible. You may contact the web hosting service provider to discuss page loading related issues. If your webhost does not provide sufficient bandwidth, you should opt for a better alternative. You should go for an advanced hosting plan to reap better results. You can also try out the Blacklist lookup tool to enhance your digital marketing strategy.

You simply have to enter the desired URL in the textbox and the page loading time for the said webpage will be displayed in an instant. If your website contains different kind of media such as videos, images and audios, you should go for appropriate hosting plans. Moreover, you should be ready to take necessary steps to improve your website’s page loading time. The HTML file contains all the size of the HTML code and exclude images, JavaScript and CSS files.

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