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Reverse IP Domain Checker

Reverse IP Domain Checker

The Reverse IP Domain Checker enables a user to view the different websites that are being served by a single webserver. It is important that you are aware of the different websites that are being hosted by your website since it will enable you to forge a relevant advertising strategy and will also help you in ensuring that your website is maintained in an appropriate manner. You should run this tool before you decide on choosing your webhosting plan.

You simply have to enter your website’s address in the textbox and click on the Submit button. The tool will display the URL’s IP along with the list of all the domains structured on the same IP.

Sharing IP address is a common practice as it reduces the expenses involved when it comes to domain positioning. You can also try out the AVG Antivirus Checker tool.

You must know that websites can share the same IP address. If you are concerned about the ranking of your website, you can go for a dedicated webserver.

You can also employ the Blacklist Lookup tool to view if your website has been blacklisted by the search engine spiders or not. Websites can be blacklisted for a wide variety of reasons.

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