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Robots.txt Generator

Robots.txt Generator

Robots.txt is a text file that is placed in the root directory and tends to guide the search engine crawlers and other robots to visit different sections of the website. There is only a single root directory and hence a single robots.txt file on your website. The files need to be placed in a protected directory in order to ensure the safety of the website. The Robots.txt Generator swiftly produces the robots.txt file which enable search engines to scour your website when they index it. An appropriate robots.txt file will assist search engines in visiting and indexing all the sections of a website. By including some files to the robots.txt file, they will be uploaded to the root directory.

There are certain pages that you may want to exclude such as login pages, contact page, privacy policy, image folders and media files. This tool will assist you preventing public access to these sections. To include files, connect to an XML Sitemap Generator data, copy and paste the relevant URL into the message box and click update to include this command to the robots.txt data checklist.

It should be ensured that files are kept hidden in each subdirectory to ensure high efficiency. It should be remembered that the use of robots.txt will not make your website secure from bad bots as sensitive areas of your website will not be made safe. In order to enhance your website’s security, you need to employ the right approaches.

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