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What is My Browser

What is My Browser

Have you been getting frustrated lately thanks to slow page loading speeds and the ever-present security threats? You should definitely have a look at the performance of your browser. If you do not want to indulge yourself in technical fine tuning, this tool will come to your rescue and will deal with the more intricate considerations such as the HTML and CSS.

Web browsers need to be upgraded frequently to ensure that they function appropriately. This tool provides necessary information to ensure that your browser stays updated. No matter which browser you are using, this tool will ensure that is remains updated.

The browsing experience on the internet is dependent on the quality of a web browser. Computers are always being targeted by hackers and malwares. So, if your web browser happens to be outdated, it will definitely adversely affect your computer. Web browsers are constantly updated by the developers to ensure that they remain able to fight out the security threats.

However, this is not possible if there is a dearth of the right kind of information. This is exactly where this tool will help you out as it has the ability to detect your web browser as well as the extensions and plug-ins installed. It provides in-depth information about your web browser without you having to worry about the intricacies and technical details.

How it works

The tool displays the results in HTML which is similar to the way search engines detect your webpage. That is exactly why businesses hire professionals to ensure that their website climbs up the ladder and gains high ranking on the search engine result pages. However, there can be situations when everything seems to get to a standstill and nothing seems to work. In such a situation, you need to think like a search engine spider.

Search engine spider

You must be acquainted with the fact that search engine spiders crawl the webpages. This is the same basic principle for all the search engines out there as they bank on the relevance and ranking of your website and use the information stored in the databases by virtue of their sophisticated algorithms. The calculations may differ from one search engine to another but the process of indexing is similar among all the search engines.

So, Google Spiders cannot be overlooked. They may not be able to decipher information the way humans do but they are responsible for showing up the search results that are so helpful for the humans. So, you should attribute due importance to their likes and dislikes.

What they see?

Despite adding images to your website to make it more attractive for the target audience, you should remember that search engines are not able to view them. Moreover, they are not able to detect Flash and JavaScript. Moreover, they are not concerned with Frames. So, layouts and designs may be important from the appeal point of view but for the search engines they are of no value.

What is the role of a developer?

You should know that different browsers function in different manners. Different browsers have not been created with the intention to be optimized to render webpages based on the latest update. This can be achieved by using a markup that is compatible with all browsers.

The era of HTML 4.01 is over owing to its limitations. HTML 5 has attracted the attention span of the majority of the browsers but it is in the stage of development. Firefox, Chrome and Opera are the leading browsers that are compatible with HTML 5.

An outdated browser can cause plenty of issues for the user so it becomes important that you frequently update it.

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