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The Word Counter tool helps determine the frequency of a word in a certain body of text. It helps you determine the number of words or characters with ease. The tool provides you interesting and handy information when you simply copy and paste the text into the tool’s text box. It is of paramount importance that you are cognizant of the word count of files before you publish them to your website. According to Google Panda, the word count should at least be between 350 and 500 words. This handy tool lets you manage the SEO related aspects with ease.

As discussed above, this tool allows internet marketers to carry out search engine optimization in an efficient manner. The word count helps you optimize the keywords efficiently as you can target more keywords and reap rich dividends. In order to administer a blog in an efficient manner, numerous tools are required. You can employ the Link Analyzer to assess the quality of tools. These kinds of tools enhance the productivity as such automated tools increase the number of blog posts that you publish. Once you get familiarized with the frequency of the words, you can adjust them as and when required. If you happen to come across more than required number of similar sort of words, you can go on and get them replaced with the ones that offer similar meanings. This tool helps you plan your future content and saves your precious time. The Word Count tool also enables users to enter the URL of the target page and it provides them the word count of that page. The tool enables the internet marketers to strictly follow the guidelines stipulated by a search engine.

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