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Email hosting services are perfect for individuals who would like to have their personal domain name to use with email, but do not want real web site hosting. To assist you in getting the email hosting company, we have thoughtfully examined and developed this list of top email hosting services.

iPage Web Hosting
FatCow Web Hosting

HostGator Web Hosting
iPower Web Hosting
WebHost4Life Web Hosting


With email hosting services, it becomes feasible for you or your business to start a particular domain name to use with email ([email protected] or anything you prefer). At some instances, email hosting may be a fine, inexpensive method to launch your online existence while creating your website. In most scenarios, email hosting services can be simply altered in a complete hosting plan.

Economical Aspect of Email Hosting

Email hosting services are usually very economical; however, charges should not be the single aspect when you are looking for a host. Scanning for viruses, safety from spam, ease of understanding and email hosting constancy are all as vital as an additional buck in your wallet. HostingHosted’s Top email hosting service providers were assessed for consistency, cost, customer service and more.

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Personal Website Hosting from only $4.95 for unlimited sites!Personal Website Hosting from only $4.95 for unlimited sites!
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