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What is Web Hosting Dictionary?


.com is the domain name that commercial enterprises use.


It is filename extension for images and it means Graphics Interchange Format.

.jpg or .jpeg

It is also a filename extension and it is an abbreviation for Joint Photographic Experts Group.


Files with video sequences have .mov extension, and they require QuickTime player to play.

.mpg or .mpeg

It is a filename extension for some video formats.


This filename extension indicates that files are compressed with WinZip (or any similar program)


Twisted pair cables ensuring FastEthernet.


Standard cables for Ethernet.

Active Channel

Regularly revised data saved on a Web server is known as Active Channel. It can be subscribed via Channel Definition Language or CDF capable browser, such as Internet Explorer.


Made public in 1977, ActiveX is a set of Microsoft technologies as well as services, based on Component Object Model (COM). Versions 3 and above of Internet Explorer and Netscape Navigator have ActiveX compatibility by plug-ins. In a programming language, such as Visual Basic, it is written as DLL, following ActiveX rules. After downloading, there exist a serious security threat due to lack of restrictions. JaveBeans is the one of the key competitors for ActiveX.

URL Address

Commonly referred as Uniformed Resource Locator or URL, it is a distinctive id for every webpage.


It is a communication line of 56kbps, and is abbreviation of Advanced Digital Network


ADO stands for ActiveX Data Objects. In a particular data model, various data resources are used in similar manner. This data can be placed anywhere, for instance, in databases or in any ordinary files.


ASDL stands for Asymmetric Digital Subscriber Loop, and it is a high-speed internet connection via telephone line. It gives 384kbps to 1.5Mbps of data speed, where upstream and downstream speeds are usually different. ASDL does not block telephone line because of the application of line-adaptive modulation.


AIFF stands for Audio Interchange File Format. This file format was introduced by Apple, and it guarantees highest quality audio.

Anonymous FTP (Anon FTP)

By means of this facility, files can be downloaded as well as uploaded without the need of username or password. “Anonymous” is written instead of username, and email address is entered instead of password.

Anonymous remailer

It is a SMTP server that let the users send emails anonymously by eliminating or altering ‘From’ field from every mail.


ANSI stands for American National Standards Institute and is United States’ Standard Organization.


It is open-source HTTP Web server software. Netcraft survey’s results reveal that the large majority of users opted for this web server at the moment. It runs mostly on Unix operating system, such as Linux or BSD, but is compatible with Windows as well. This comprehensive server has a number of freely available add-ons. IIS by Microsoft is the key competitor of Apache.


It is tiny Java program, made to run within a web browser. Unauthorized activities cannot be performed by these Applets as they run within a sandbox.


It is the name given to anonymous ftp sites as well as their contents stores in an online database. By means of file name queries, it facilitates the search for ftp databases.


This term refers to big files, compressed for the purpose of saving space and holding important information.

Archive site

Server where all the archives are stored is known as archive site, and can be accessed via E-mail, FTP, or HTTP.


ARJ stands for Archived by Robert Jung and is one of the most popular formats used for compression.


ARPA or Advanced Research Projects Agency is United State’s organization. It is in charge for forming the precursor of existing Internet.


It is the network made in the year 1969 by ARPA.


ASCII stands for American Standard Code for Information Interchange, which is a standard for coding text files. In ASCII, each character has a distinctive number so the text can be preseated in the form numbers’ sequence.


ASP stands for Active Server Pages and is the server-side technology script for Microsoft. These pages have .asp extension that combines HTML with scripting code, written in Jscript or VBScript. Perl, PHP, ColdFusion, TCL, Python, and JSP are some other famous server-side scripting languages.

Asynchronous Transfer Mode (ATM)

It is a set of high-speed network protocols intended to broadcast multimedia where data is separated into 53 bytes cells and passed through a virtual route.


It is that part of an email message that is attached to it in form of a data file or webpage.


Format for audio files, compatible with Unix systems.


Authentication is the process of authenticating the identity of other party involved in the transmission of data.


AVI stands for Audio Video Interleave, and it is a multimedia format launched by Microsoft during 1992 as its Video for Windows technology’s component.

B Channel

B channel or Bearer channel is a telecommunications phrase indicating towards the ISDN channel within which the major data or voice communication is transferred. Its bit rate is 64 kbps in complete duplex.


The component of a network that deals with the main traffic. It has the maximum speed conduction paths within the network and may as well work along the longest distances. Comparatively smaller networks are linked to the backbone, and directly linked networks to the user are known as access networks.


The transmission ability of an electronic way, for example, connections line or computer channels. It is calculated in bits per second in a digital line. In an analog channel or in a digital channel, bandwidth is the variation amid the maximum and minimum frequencies and is calculated in Hertz.

Basic Rate Interface (BRI)

It is an Integrated Services Digital Network (ISDN) configuration planned mainly for applying in subscriber lines like those that have been used previously for simple old telephone facility.


It is a component of data transmission speed for a modem of 1bps.


Indicating a number system with only two exclusive digits, i.e. 0 and 1

Binary mode

A regular FTP client mode, applied to transfer binary files


Smallest unit of information, written as 0 or 1 in binary data.

Bit rate

The number of bits transmitted per second along a digital network.


It is the component of an email, having actual content of the message.


It is a way of storing address of a website that is visited frequently.


It is a software used in chat rooms or for crawling the web.


It stands for ‘Be Right Back’.


Bridge is a network device for connecting two LANs via separate cabling.


It is the process of transmitting a packet towards every machine which is connected to the network.


It is a software application for recovering, presenting, as well as navigating through available data by using World Wide Web. Internet Explorer, Google Chrome, Firefox, and Opera are some of the examples of a browser.

Browser sniffing

It is a process in which websites attempt to find out the type of web browser that is being used. This is done to the websites work well with the according to the specific abilities of the browser.


It is an abbreviation for ‘By The Way’ and mostly used while chatting.


C is an advanced programming language, introduced during 1970s. In the beginning, it was used for Unix programs only; however, currently it is used to write applications for almost every platform. C++ built off the C language. It is almost the same as C, with the only difference of object-oriented attributes, which let the programmer to form objects within its code.

Cable Modem

It is a form of modem that links a computer (or local network) to broadband Internet service via the similar cable that is used for transmitting cable television service.

Cascading Style Sheets (CSS)

It is an approach to manage the appearance of web pages and is applied to create a distinction between style (layout, colors, etc.) from actual content or data provided on the page.


It is an abbreviation for Comite Consultatif International Telegraphique et Telephonique, which means International Telegraph and Telephone Consultative Committee. It is a International Telecommunication Standards organization.


CERN stands for Conseil Europeen pour la Recherche Nucleaire, meaning European Organization for Nuclear Research. It is where the World Wide Web was originated.


It is used to guarantee confidentiality on the Internet. These certificates contain keys formed by large numbers to distinctively recognize people.

Certificate Authority

It is an authority that gives as well as handles security documentations and public keys for message encryption. The most authentic certificate authority is Verisign.


CGI is a file extension and stands for Common Gateway Interface. It is a protocol for calling external software by means of a Web server for providing dynamic content.


It is a server’s ‘information bank’ where .cgi programs are kept.

Channel Definition Format (CDF)

A requirement created by Microsoft and PointCast, which classifies when and how the users of Web browser get information transmitted via the Internet with the use of server push technology.


CHAP or Challenge Handshake Authentication Protocol validates a user or network host to a verifying unit. That unit can be an Internet service provider.


It is a computer program, which demands a service from the server program, mostly on the network.


It is the communication and division of workload amid a web client and a web server.


Making more than one computer to appear as a single machine by connecting them together. It
Connecting many computers and making them appear as one machine.

Co-location (colo)

Where a web server is kept within a particular feature, for instance, a data centre that offers very fast internet connectivity, safety and security aspects, backup as well as technical assistance. The client controls both hardware as well as software.

Cobalt RaQ

It is a 1U rackmount server product line created by Cobalt Networks, Inc. Cobalt RaQ has an advanced Red Hat Linux operating system in addition to a proprietary GUI for server administration.


ColdFusion is a commercial application improvement platform created during 1995. It was initially made to ease the process of connecting simple HTML pages with a database; however, by version 2 it had turn into a complete platform that contained an IDE besides a full Scripting Language.
command-line interface. It is a user interface in which the user types commands rather than selecting from a list or clicking any icon.


A data packet sent by an Internet server to a browser, which came back by the browser whenever it consequently accesses the similar server. It helps in recognizing the users or follow their access to the server.


It is an abbreviation for Central Processing Unit, and is the key component of computer.


Search engines employ crawlers (also known as robots or spiders) when looking for search phrases. Crawlers go after hyperlinks from one page to another for indexing web pages as well as grade them within the database.

D Channel

D channel (or data channel) is a telecommunications phrase that refers to the ISDN channel within which the managing as well as signalling data is transmitted.

Data transfer

Data transmission is the physical transmitting of data via point-to-point or point-to-multipoint communication channel.


A controlled set of data stored within a computer, particularly the one that can be accessed in a number of ways.

Dedicated Server

Dedicated server are held by a Web hosting company but lend out and utilized by a a particular client.


A way of encrypting data, conventionally utilized as the mode of encryption for UNIX passwords along with the crypt(3) purpose.


DHCP or Dynamic Host Configuration Protocol is an auto-configuration protocol applied on IP networks. Processors that are linked with IP networks are required to be configured before they can correspond with different computers on the network.

Dial up

Dial-up Internet connection is a type of Internet access that applies the services of the Public Switched Telephone Network (PSTN) for setting up a dialled connection to an Internet service provider (ISP) by means of telephone lines.


It is the system that mechanically interprets Internet addresses in the numeric machine addresses that processors utilize.

Domain name

A sequence of alphanumeric strings, divided by periods, for instance,, acting as an address for a computer network connection as well as classifying the proprietor of the address. The three letters at the end of a domain name show the type of organization such as .com stands for commercial and .edu stands for educational.


A standard name for digital lines that are offered by telephone companies for their neighbouring subscribers.


It is defined as the use of Information and Communication Technologies (ICT) for every activity of business.


A United States’ standards organization, focusing on the electrical as well as operational features of interface equipment.

Electronic Mail (E-Mail, email)

It is a means of exchanging digital messages over the Internet or other networks. In the beginning, email was sent directly from one user to another system.


The method of switching records or other piece of information into code.


A method for connecting several computer systems to create a local area network, with protocols to manage the transmitting of data and to circumvent concurrent transmission by two or more than two systems.


It is an intranet that can be accessed by approved outside users to a certain extent, allowing companies to exchange data via the Internet in a safe manner.


A text file having a listing of questions along with their answers pertinent to a specific topic, particularly the one providing fundamental information for users of an Internet newsgroup.

Fast Ethernet

It is also known as 100BASE-T, and it operates at 10 or 100Mbps per second on UTP, STP, or fiber-optic media.


FCC or Federal Communications Commission is an self-regulating government organization that standardizes interstate as well as global connections via radio along with television, plus wire, cable and satellite.


FDDI stands for Fiber Distributed Data Interface, and offers a 100 Mbps optical measure for data transmission within LAN that can expand up to 200 km.

Fibre Optic Cable

It is a cable composed of optical fibres that can pass huge chunks of data by the speed of light.

Filename extension

A filename extension is a suffix to the name of file. It shows the file format of its contents, for example, .doc, .exe, or .avi.


Filtering is the procedure of passing or intercepting packets on a network interface supported by source as well as destination addresses, ports, or protocols.


It is program for Unix and is applied to get the record of users of the system.


A firewall is a set of associated programs, positioned on a network gateway server. It guards the resources of a private system from users at other networks.


An intense e-mail or newsgroup message within which the writer attacks the recipient for not following the netiquettes.


A floating-point unit (FPU) is a component of a computer, system particularly made to do functions on floating point figures.

Frame Relay

Frame Relay is a consistent broad area networking technology that identifies the physical as well as logical connection layers of digital telecommunications channels by means of a packet switching approach.

FrontPage Extensions

They give scripts as well as programs for most favourable utilization of some particular features of the website.


FTP (File Transfer Protocol) is a standard for the transfer of program as well as data files over a network


FTPmail refers to the practice of utilizing an FTPmail server to get access to huge amount of data on the Internet.


FYI is an abbreviation of ‘For Your Information’.


It is an internetworking arrangement, able to connect two networks together that use separate base protocols.


GIF or Graphics Interchange Format is a well-liked format for image files, having integrated data compression

Gigabit Ethernet

Gigabit Ethernet is a phrase referring to different technologies for carrying Ethernet frames on a rate of a gigabit per second.

Gigabyte (Gb)

1 Gb is equala to1024 Megabytes.

Graphical User Interface (GUI)

A visual way of networking with a computer by means of items such as icons and menus, applied by the majority of contemporary operating systems

Hexadecimal color-notation system

It is a method for defining colors and applies RGB (red, green and blue) system


This phrase is used for referring a single request sent by a web browser. The data sent by the web server by responding the request is a text file or a binary file.

Home Page

The initial text of an individual’s or company’s website. It normally acts as a table of contents for other pages of website or offers links to external sites
HTML. For example click here to view the homepage for hosting hosted website.


HTML or Hypertext Markup Language is a normalized approach for labeling text files to get font, color graphic effects on World Wide Web pages


It is a networking protocol for allocated, mutual, hypermedia information systems. For the World Wide Web, it is the basis of data communication.


A general connection point for devices within a network, it is normally utilized to link sections of a LAN


It is link from a hypertext document with some other location or file, usually started with a click on highlighted phrase or picture on the monitor.


A software arrangement that connects subjects on the screen to associated data and images that are normally used by a point-and-click technique.


It stands for Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers, and is an international ‘not for profit’, professional association for the development of technology linked with electrical energy.


IIS means Internet Information Server. Created by Windows, it is a web server for Windows operating systems.

Image Map

Clickable portions on images that make links and Web sites more interesting as well as attractive.


IMAP or Internet Message Access Protocol is among the two most common Internet standard procedures for e-mail recovery.


IMHO is the abbreviation for ‘In My Humble/Honest Opinion’.


IMO is an abbreviation for ‘In My Opinion’.

Internet Backbone

The Internet backbone is the major information routes between huge, tactically interrelated networks as well as central routers within the Internet.

Internet Group Management Protocol (IGMP)

It is a communications protocol applied to handle the association of Internet Protocol multicast groups.


It was the Internet administering association mainly in charge for domain name as well as IP addresses allotments till September 1998.


It is a controlled and limited computer network.


It is the method of exchanging data between any two computers over the Internet.

IP Address

It is a distinctive string of digits divided by periods that recognizes all computers linked to the Internet.

IP packet

IP packet is the actual data amount that can be transmitted via the Internet.


IPX (Internet Packet Exchange) is the routing protocol that Novell NetWare utilized.


IRC (Internet Relay Chat) is a type of synchronized Internet text messaging or conferencing


ISDN (Integrated Services Digital Network) is a telecommunications network that transmits sound, images, as well as data in the form of digitized signals


ISO stand for International Organisation for Standardisation. It is an organization started during 1946 to regulate capacities for global, industrialized, commercial, and technical issues.


ISP or Internet Service Provider is any company that provides internet access to its customers.


ITU (International Telecommunication Union) is an organization of the United Nations that controls issues related to information and communication technology.


A platform-free file format, which combines several files into one


It is a platform-free, object-oriented programming language started by Sun.

Java Servlet

A program functioning on a network facility, generally an HTTP server that replies to queries by client.

Java Virtual Machine (JVM, Java Runtime Environment)

It enables a group of computer software programs along with information structures to utilize a virtual machine representation for the implementation of other computer programs as well as scripts.


It is a scripting programming language, generally applied to include interactive attributes to web pages.


It is a set of Application Programming Interfaces, offering a generalized method to let Java applets access the records.


It is a scripting language supported by the ECMAScript model that is utilized in Microsoft’s Internet Explorer.


JSP stands for Java Server Pages. It is a Java technology that facilitates software developers provide animatedly produced web pages supported by HTML or XML.


Kbps stands for Kilobits per second. 1Kbps = 1024bps.


It is a public domain data transmission as well as terminal emulation program.

Kilobyte (Kb)

1024 bytes.


LAN stands for Local Area Network. It is a local network for communication between different computers.


It is a modem that can offer several computers with the similar internet connection, where every computer will have different speed.

Leased line

A leased line is an agreement between a supplier and a client, where the supplier gives consent to give a symmetric telecommunications line linking two or more places for a monthly charge.

Line provisioning

It is the method of configuring the ISDN line via the service provider so it may work well along user’s specific requirements and to guarantee compatibility of hardware.


An open-source edition of the UNIX operating system


A combination of ID and password of user to access a computer, program and / or network.


LOL is an abbreviation for ‘Laughing Out Loud’ used mostly on Web messengers such as MSN,Yahoo etc..


A class method of data compression algorithms that let the precise actual information to be recreated from the compressed records.


It is a data encoding process that removes a little of the actual data, to get its objective, with the outcome that decompressing the information yields content that is altered, but still similar enough to be functional.


It is a way for managing access to any communication means

MAC Address

It is an exclusive identifier allotted to network interfaces for exchanges on the physical network division.

Mailing List

A mailing list is a compilation of names along with addresses for the use of individual or businss to send information to various addressees.


It is a server that manages email by clients. It can be on the similar server as the web server.


Megabits (Mb) per second, 1Mb = 1,048,576 bits

Megabyte (MB)

1MB = 1,048,576 bytes


MegaHertz = 1.000.000 Hertz

Microsoft Access

It is Microsoft’s most commonly used software for database formation and maintenance

Microsoft FoxPro

It is Microsoft’s RAD means for forming relational databases

Microsoft SQL Server

It is a relational form database server created by Microsoft


MIME stands for Multipurpose Internet Mail Extensions. It supports the exchange of text as well as binary data (together with sound and images) by means of Internet.

Mirror site

A mirror site is a precise replica of some other site on Internet


It is a shared tool for modulation and demodulation


It is audio compression system, developed particularly for trouble-free download on the Internet

mSQL (Mini SQL)

It is a traditionally significant, lightweight database handling system created by Hughes Technologies


It is a set of data transmitted over a computer network to several users simultaneously


MySQL is a Relational Database Management System (RDBMS) that works similar to a server offering multi-user access to many databases


It is the accurate or suitable method of communicating over the Internet

Netscape Communications

It is a computer services association in United States, well known because of its web browser.

Network Management

Network management includes the activities, techniques, systems, and tools concerning the function, management, continuance, as well as provisioning of networked systems.


It is an Internet based medium for discussion on a particular topic.


It is an application that let the users to access newsgroups.


NIC means Network Interface Card. It is a hardware device that manages interface with a computer network and let a network-related device to access that network


NNTP means Network News Transfer Protocol. It is a protocol for capably transmitting news as well as conversations over many servers


ODBC stands for Open Database Connectivity. It is an industry standard technique of linking a database to demand and get records.


It can be defined as the state of computer when it is not connected to the network.


It is defined as the state of computer when it is connected to the network.

Operating system

It is a software that manages the execution of computer programs and offers different services


OSI stands for Open System Interconnection. It is A multi-layer standard for ISO data transmission.


PAP stands for Password Authentication Protocol. It is a security protocol that applies a security measures at both ends for the peer to create its individuality.

Peer-to-Peer network

It is the network in which resources as well as records are pooled without a integrated management source.


It is an advanced programming language utilized particularly for applications working over World Wide Web


It is an extensively utilized scripting language that was initially intended for web development to create interactive web pages.


It is a set of well-known compression and decompression programs.


POP stands for Post Office Protocol. It is a standard application-layer Internet protocol, utilized by local e-mail users to access e-mail from a remote server via a TCP/IP connection.


It is defined as a socket on computer or some network device for connecting computer to the network.


PPP stands for Point to Point Protocol. It is a data link protocol, generally applied while creating a direct connection between two networking nodes.


PRI stands for Primary Rate Interface. It is a uniform telecommunications service point in the ISDN arrangement for transmitting many DS0 voice as well as data communications between a network and a user.


Rules that are to be followed for two parties communications.


PSTN stands for Public Switched Telephone Network. It is the system of the world’s public circuit-switched telephone networks


Redundant Array of Independent Disks (RAID) is a technology that offers better storage consistency by redundancy, uniting several inexpensive, less-reliable disk drives constituents within a logical unit where every drive is in the array.

Raw Logs

Raw Logs are raw duplicates of the web server log records for the website which include various facts and figures for website activity.


It is a global standard pertinent to fixed telephones.


It is a single-line data jack generally linked with programmed modems


ROFL is the abbreviation for ‘Rolling On the Floor Laughing’.


It is a device that transmits data packets to the suitable areas of a computer network

Scripting Language

It is a programming language, allowing users to handle of one or more software applications

Search engine

It is a program for the recovery of information from a database or network, particularly the Internet

Self-extracting Archive

It is a computer application including a compressed file archive, in addition to programming to pull this data out.

Serial Line Internet Protocol (SLIP)

It let a user to connect to the Internet directly via a high-speed modem.


It is a computer that offers to files along with printers as mutual resources for a particular computer network.


It referred to the entire information transmission between two parties, beginning from the establishment of a connection and ending with its termination.

Shopping Cart

It is a software employed for e-commerce to support individuals buying online,


It is an expansion of HTTP to guarantee safe dealings on the Internet

Signed applet

It is an applet with a digital signature to verify that it initiates from the genuine server.


It is a symbol that signifies a smiling face used mostly on Web Messengers, for example, 🙂 🙁 😀


SMTP stands for Simple Mail Transfer Protocol. It is the most generally used protocol by e-mail servers to send e-mails out to client applications.

Snail Mail

This term is used to define the regular paper mail, delivered via post office.


SNMP stands for Simple Network Management Protocol. It is software utilized to manage network communications devices via TCP/IP.


Spam is the unwanted email, forwarded in huge amounts to several addresses, generally for marketing purposes.


SPX stands for Sequenced Packet Exchange. It is networking protocol primarily for networks making use of the Novell NetWare operating systems.


SQL stands for Structured Query Language. It is a global standard for database management.


It is a network protocol that exchange data via a secure channel among two networked devices.


It is the procedure of joining semiconductor devices in a single integrated circuit


It is a computing protocol guaranteeing the safety of information transmitted using the Internet by encryption


It is a pair of twisted wires, surrounded by a metal shield for protection from EMI


Streaming means playing both audio as well as video files without a need of completely downloading the file.


It is a folder made within the main account, which turns into a completely functional web site with its individual username as well as password


It is a character encoding applied in computer programming as well as telecommunications


It is a form of telecommunications facility.


Tck stands for Tool command language. It is a scripting language developed by John Ousterhout.


TCP stands for Transmission Control Protocol. It is a protocol made for the internet to trancsfer records from one network device to another.


TCP/IP stands for Transmission Control Protocol/Internet Protocol. It helps in managing the connection of computer systems to the Internet


It is a network protocol that let a user on one computer to log on in some other computer that is part of the same network

Terabyte (TB)

1 Terabyte = 1024 gigabytes


Tia stands for Telecommunications Industry Association. It is is an international trade association, and represents more or less 600 telecommunications organizations.


It is a computer network device for showing the route taken by data packets across an IP network.


It s defined as the total data that is being transmitted on a network.


It is a global encoding standard for different languages as well as scripts.


It is an extensively used multi-user operating system


It is the address of any website


It is an Internet-based service comprising thousands of newsgroups


It is a type of binary-to-text encoding that started within the Unix program uuencode, for encoding binary records to send via the uucp mail system


It is is an Active Scripting language created by Microsoft and modelled on Visual Basic


It is the application used to view files of different formats.


It is a code that can copy itself and usually has a damaging effect.


VPN stands for Virtual Private Network. It is a system using encryption to offer safe access to a remote computer via the Internet


W3C stands for World Wide Web Consortium. It is the central international standards association for the World Wide Web


It is the audio file format of Microsoft and IBM, standard for saving an audio bit-stream.


Any individual who designs and creates websites.


It is a query and reply protocol that is extensively employed for getting information from databases

Wide Area Network (WAN)

A computer network with computers connected may be distantly, usually with a radius of half a mile or more.


WWW stands for World Wide Web and it is the mostly used Internet service.


It is a metalanguage that let users to set their modified markup language.

XML processor

It is a software module that reads XML files and gives access to the content


It is a comparatively slower file transfer protocol.


YMMV is an abbreviation for ‘Your Mileage May Vary’.


It is a faster file transfer protocol.


It the fastest and hence, most popular file transfer protocol.

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